Good Morning horse world, you made it to Saturday. I think more happened to affect people’s lives around the world in the last week than it has since WWII. I am tired and I am sure all of you are too! So relax a bit (at home) and get a ride in today and enjoy your ponies! I thought today I would give a few links that help identify horse and non horse things that are closed.

If you didn’t catch last night’s video, it is well worth the watch. We talked about the cancellations from the show organizer standpoint and Lindsey Partridge (a background in public health and a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences) shares a pointed look at where we need to be with Corona.

Tonight on the Corona Horse World Live FB page we are going to lighten things up with a viral game of equine trivia. Join us at 8pm ET on the Horses in the Morning FB Page and take your mind off things and have a little trivia fun with us. We will give away prizes to the audience too!

Some informative links:

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Sports cancellations, changes due to coronavirus outbreak…/list-sports-cancellations-chang…/

The Canceled Events in Tech, Media, Politics and Entertainment (Updating)

My Final Thoughts for the Morning: I wish I owned stock in toilet paper companies, booze companies, Netflix, bleach companies, rice companies, hand sanitizer companies and Costco. Alas, I don’t. I was thinking about why anyone would want to run for office. Take the current situation. If the Government wasn’t proactive and didn’t take all the precaution and millions died they would be criticized, if they do take all the precautions and it works and few die then people say it wasn’t that bad after all. My conclusion, I will not be running for president this year, so take your yard signs down.

See you at 8pm tonight, let’s play some trivia and win some prizes!